Christmas FUN


Giant Wheel
Penguin Party Dodgem Cars at Cardiff Winter Wonderland 2013
Santa's Grotto
Helter Skelter
Jumping Santa
Barrels of Fun
Christmas Fair
Christmas Market
Santa's Sleigh
Ice Rink
Christmas Train
Santa's Sleigh
Reindeer Ride
Ice Maze
Snow Globe
Christmas Convoy
Candy Floss

In recent years continental Christmas markets have become a popular fixture at town and cities across Great Britain. Inspired by events in Germany and beyond, they bring a unique, inviting atmosphere to any civic centre.

Our old time fairground attractions, catering concessions and festive decorations will add a major boost to your celebrations. From a classic carousel to a giant sightseeing Ferris Wheel, let us put your town on the map.

Many attractions are presented to blend in with the festivities or the urban landscape in general, but we can also provide custom theming where required. And all rides can be erected and operated with the minimum amount of disruption throughout the event, including the use of silent generators.

Let us put some festive fun into your next event!